Friday, January 4, 2008

"You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea" MTV Diary

Ok so just a little update on my life and then what is currently bothering me!

So mid November I was out of a job, I hit up WorkSource, saw a job for Youth Employment Specialist, turned in the app. Then Next thing you know I'm working at WorkSource instead or looking for work at Worksource. The catch is the organization I submitted my application too is a service based program run by the government called AmeriCorp, so I don't technically work I volunteer. . . .which in the end is ok, because I'm making all sorts of connections in the community, I'm learning about a field I could possible work in for the rest of my life, I get a living allowance and health insurance, I get a scholarship at the end of my service, and the big mama jama which brings me to my purpose of this blog according to the government I'm not making any money, so I qualify for food stamps.

Now I know what your thinking. . . .food stamps Emily, really? Well here is my justification. If I wasn't a volunteer and an actual employee of the state. The tax payers would be paying my wages anyway, and it's not like i'm not working. Sitting around being a bum and mooching off of the man. I'm pretty sure I'm earning it if I do say so myself. Ive been pretty open about my current lot and most everyone says the same thing. "Hey if the government's willing to give you money, then take it!" So I do, the only thing is. . . . what about those that don't know my situation.

I've been hitting up Safeway a lot, for my grocery needs and try as I might it seems I end up with the same cashier everytime and I don't know if it's just me being paranoid, but I'm pretty sure once that lady spots my form of payment she instantly gets icy. Like she's cussing me out in her head for using her tax dollars to buy 100 calorie cookies and lean cuisines (it's my elimi-chin diet)! And I just wanna scream, Don't give me that look,I'M A VOLUNTEER!

It's times like these I guess I really get why you shouldn't judge people if you don't understand there situation. Maybe I'm not buying the most essential stuff (ie. snacks for the road trip to Utah) and maybe me being on food stamps is putting a damper on the economy. . . .but dangit my living allowance is not super amazing and I don't want to spend it all on food! So enough with icy stares missy! You don't know me!

In Closing I think Salt N Peppa said it best when they said. . . . .

"So, the moral of this story is, there's only one true judge and that's God. . . .So chill, and let my father do his job!"

Peace Out!


Tyler & Michelle Caudle Clan said...

Hey Emily,
I'm with you...there's nothing wrong with food stamps when the person is working (and of course your volunteering is work) so people shouldn't judge. Unfortunately some people "suck" and judge people they don't even know. Sometimes using Walmart's Self-Checkout with food stamps is convenient but I can't remember if Moses Lake has those :-) Take care!

Brandon Dee Anne and Boston said...

all I can say is girl you crack me up! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

PS I'm a pandito, I'ma pandito

krystind said...

God is love- REV RUN (just picture him in his bath tub saying this to you.)

angie said...

I personally love your food stamps....